One of those days….

It's one of those days that I really want to feel sorry for myself... But I won't. Instead I'll allow myself to feel bad for a few minutes, maybe an hour.  It's one of those days that I want to go home and crawl into bed until tomorrow... But I won't. Instead I'll go home,... Continue Reading →


11 Things to Thank 2016 for…

I've seen so many posts lately saying something along the lines of "so glad 2016 is over, it was the worst year of my life, bring on 2017..."  All I can say is I'm so so glad that I don't have the same attitude. Don't get me wrong, 2016 has not been all rainbows and... Continue Reading →

Vegas //

Ah, I am finally getting around to posting again! It's been a busy December and I've thrown everything to the side to live a little. But I'm back and ready to share our trip with you! Eric and I counted down the days (and even hours) to our trip. We literally could not wait to... Continue Reading →

Proud // 

I've seen so many people posting about big accomplishments in their life lately and it makes me so happy! I love to see people succeed and make something of themselves.  To all my fellow college students - keep going. I just finished my second to last semester of college and although I didn't perform as... Continue Reading →

Birthdays //

First: THANK YOU x a million for all the birthday wishes yesterday! It's interesting to see how many people will wish you a happy birthday (even if you haven't talked....ever?) but thank you, nonetheless!  Alright on to the real "meat" of the post.. ha that was weird. I've always wondered why teachers and professors say... Continue Reading →

Towel //

Do you ever just want to throw the towel in?  Even if that means it's 6:13am, you're on your way to work this Friday morning, and you hit a pack of deer?  Or do you ever want to throw the towel in because you feel underappreciated?  All of these things apply this morning and I... Continue Reading →

Saturday //

We finally made it to Saturday. This week has flown by and felt forever long all in the same. I'm not sure if it was the extra holiday hours at work or the insane amount of food I've eaten this week(end), but time has a funny way of doing things. Oh yeah, hope everyone had... Continue Reading →

Adjustment //

So a slight adjustment will (maybe) be made to the blog. I've already failed miserably at keeping up with it, hence the one post almost a week ago and nothing since.... It's always been one of my life goals to write a book. I don't know what sparked this goal, but something always tells me... Continue Reading →

Pilot //

I'm laying in my bed on this ridiculously warm November night and I can't help but reflect on some of life's "little things." It's 75 degrees on November 17th Class was cancelled It's 3:52pm and I've already taken a shower Mom is making dinner tonight The Christmas tree is shining bright (oops, judge me) I... Continue Reading →

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