Satur-YAY //

It’s finally Saturday! Unfortunately I’m sick on this rainy weekend, but it makes for some good sleep and relaxation. 

Today I got to make a surprise visit to the basketball court. Sometimes life gets hectic and it’s hard to get places, but sometimes you can put life on hold and make it happen. 

Watching my cousins play basketball brings back all the feelings and memories of when I played. I left my heart on that court every single game. It used to be my passion and seeing my cousins play and develop that same passion is everything to me. 

Growing up with two little boys to love was so important to me. Dean and Andrew have been my boys from day one. We spent so many summers together; swimming, playing (and winning) Wii Bowling, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, fighting over what I was going to cook for lunch, and loving life. Those summers will always hold a special place in my heart. I cherish the love and memories that we shared. 

When you get older, you gain more responsibilities. It sucks. Working all the time. Going to class and trying to graduate college. Relationships. Sleep? There’s so much to do every day and it makes it so hard to find time for the “extra things” in life. 

I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like with my boys, but no matter how much time passes between visits or texts, it makes no difference. They will always be the first boys I loved and they’ll always be the cute, sweet, little babies of my life. They’re growing up and as much as I’d like to put life on pause so they’ll stay young forever, I love watching them grow. I’m so so proud of the things they’ve already accomplished and I’m so excited for the things that have yet to come. 

So here’s to you Deany Weany and Andy-Roo (and mom too!), I’m sorry for the lost time but I love you til the end of time. My boys you’ll always be. 

Thanks for making my Saturday a fun one and loving me no matter how long it’s been. I’ll always, always be “your Chelsea.” 



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